Median XL - Game Guide - Trophy Bonuses

Trophy Bonuses


Trophies are a reward for your hard work and dedication clearing all evil from Sanctuary. Multiple bosses have a few percent chance to drop a trophy fragment when killed on Hell difficulty. Cube 3 of the same fragment to form a trophy and then cube the trophy with its respective charm to add a small bonus. An exception being the Bremmtown trophy, where you must apply the trophy by killing the Dark Star Dragon in under 30 seconds from entering the area.

Lord of Lies Trophy
Cube with the Book of Lies to Add Bonus:
Enhanced Weapon Damage +30%
- Demonic Forgery -

Legacy of Blood Trophy
Cube with the Legacy of Blood to Add Bonus:
Total Character Defense 20%
- Curse of the Warlord -

Judgement Day Trophy
Cube with the Crystalline Flame Medallion to Add Bonus:
5% to All Attributes
- Divine Mandate -

Yshari Sanctum Trophy
Cube with the Ancient Repositories to Add Bonus:
Increase Maximum Life and Mana 5%
- Arcane Guidance -

Kingdom of Shadow Trophy
Cube with the Eternal Bone Pile to Add Bonus:
10% Movement Speed
- Eternal Reign -

Duncraig Trophy
Cube with the Demonsbane to Add Bonus:
10% Combat Speeds
- Infernal Blaze -

Xazax Trophy
Cube with Xazax's Illusion to Add Bonus:
15% Chance of Uninterruptable Attack
- Demonic Delirium -

The Veiled Prophet Trophy
Cube with the Idol of Vanity to Add Bonus:
+20% to Summoned Minion Life
+10% to Summoned Minion Resistances
- Blighted Grace -

Tran Athulua Trophy
Cube with the Sunstone of the Gods to Add Bonus:
Physical Resist 5%
- Askari Valor -

Quov Tsin Trophy
Cube with the Silver Seal of Ureh to Add Bonus:
+10% to Spell Damage
- Virtuosity of the Elements -

Astrogha Trophy
Cube with Astrogha's Venom Stinger to Add Bonus:
-5% to Enemy Elemental Resistances
- Web of Deception -

Heart of Sin Trophy
Cube with Azmodan's Heart to Add Bonus:
+150 to Life
+150 to Mana
- Vile Dissolution -

Viz-jun Trophy
Cube with the Cold Fusion Schematics to Add Bonus:
+15 to all Attributes
- Power Synthesis -

Archbishop Lazarus Trophy
Cube with the Glorious Book of Median to Add Bonus:
Maximum Elemental Resists +1%
- Glimmer of Genesis -

The Triune Trophy
Cube with the Corrupted Wormhole to Add Bonus:
30% Magic Find
- Revelations of the Cult -

Nephalem's Sacrifice Trophy
Cube with the Neutrality Pact to Add Bonus:
Adds 200-300 fire damage
Adds 200-300 lightning damage
Adds 200-300 cold damage
- Legacy of the Ancients -

Banisher of Light Trophy
Cube with the Soul of Kabraxis to Add Bonus:
2% Reanimate as: Random Monster
- Shadow's Embrace -

Ghosts of Old Bremmtown Trophy
Kill Dark Star Dragon in Under 30 Seconds to Apply Bonus
Cube with Upgraded Dragon Claw to Add Bonus:
+10% to Experience Gained
- Glow of the Dark Star -

The Void Trophy
Cube with Rathma's Supremacy to Add Bonus:
+1 to All Skills
- Axioms of Equilibrium -

Eve of Destruction Trophy
Cube with Spirit of Creation to Add Bonus:
Elemental Resists +10%
- Stigma of Excidium -