Median XL - Game Guide - Paladin



The Median XL paladin class is an armour-clad heavyweight who can take a beating and return the favours with physical and elemental melee attacks and spells.


After the fall of the Hand of Zakarum, the paladin orders disbanded one by one or were torn apart by internal conflicts. The weakening influence of the central Church in Kehjistan and the mysterious disappearance of the Que-Hegan only contributed to the chaos.

The faithful of the Light looked elsewhere for answers and banded together around the new prophets. From the ashes of the old orders, two sects with a radically different interpretation of the Akaran scriptures and diametrically opposite morals arose. Although many feared for a holy war, the leaders of the sects agreed to close their ranks and work together against the common foe unfettered by infighting and distrust.

The Covenant of the Golden Flame, led by a prophet who claims to receive instructions directly from the angel Auriel, preaches unity and brotherhood among the faithful of Zakarum and the destruction of those who work against the Church. By joining forces against the demonic legions, the armies of Man and Angel would be able to deliver the death blow to the Burning Hells.

The sinister Black Sun Cult, under the command of an avatar of the angel Imperius, sees mankind as inherently unstable and prone to fall to demonic temptation. For the High Heavens to win the Eternal War, its acolytes argue, humanity must be cleansed from Sanctuary.

Scholars believe that the schism between the two orders heralds an all out civil war in the High Heavens about the fate of Sanctuary. But all agree that whatever the outcome, it is in humanity’s best interest to banish all influence of the Burning Hells from Sanctuary...


Strength : 25
Dexterity : 20
Vitality : 25 (75 life)
Energy : 15 (15 mana)

+35 life, +10 mana per level
Gains +3 life per point into vitality
Gains +3 mana per point into energy


The holy warriors of the Covenant prefer heavy one-handed or two-handed crushing weapons to shatter the bones of their enemies. Only the Covenant’s champions can wield the order’s powerful maces and hammers, blessed in the holy waters of the Argentek for maximum impact.

Although a less common sight, some champions of the Church are seen wielding jousting lances. While lacking in speed, they enable the wielder to attack from a safe distance, avoiding most counterattacks.

The Black Sun Cult has less restrictive morals and is eager to do whatever it takes. Despite the corrupting influence of the arcane, the Cult’s warriors are trained in the use of magically charged channelling sceptres in melee and elemental combat.

Class-specific 1h weapon: Paladin Hammer
Class-specific 2h weapon: Paladin Maul (On hit: Amazing Grace)
Class-specific 2h weapon: Paladin Spear (On hit: Amazing Grace)
Also uses swords and scepters

See THIS PAGE for more information about Amazing Grace.


The Church is famous for its high quality shields, but many paladins eschew the use of a shield altogether. A true defender of the Light does not hide behind a shield, but challenges his enemies to strike first and then retaliates with decisive force.

The blackguards and shadowpriests of the Black Sun Cult on the other hand have no qualms about using a shield to protect themselves and their own interests and consider the two-handed combat style of the Covenant foolish and suicidal.

A distinctive feature of the paladin orders in battle are their full helms emblazoned with the order’s crest. The Covenant prefers the protection of the impenetrable steel hundsgugel helm, whereas the Cult goes for the intimidation factor of a large horned death’s head.

Class-specific shield: Paladin Shield
Class-specific helm: Paladin Helm


Although there is an uneasy peace between the two paladin orders, neither side has much love for the other and those who prefer to learn both doctrines would probably be treated as traitors and burned by the Covenant or flayed alive by the Cult.

You have to choose between Holy and Unholy skills.
You may choose either a Light or Shadow influence regardless of your devotion.
Some say there is even a third, more neutral path.


Name Icon Effect

RETALIATE skill icon A defender of the Light never strikes the first blow, but it is his holy plight to defend himself and viciously strike back against those who seek to commit wrongs against him.
Effect: melee attack that releases a shockwave when struck
DIVINE JUDGEMENT skill icon Smite the wicked with the heavenly light, and make them feel the might of the heavens as it descends upon them to cleanse the Sanctuary of their evil.
Effect: invoke a cascade of heavenly power to purify evil
PLAGUE skill icon The black death of Zakarum cleanses the land, consuming the pagan and godless and leaving only the honourable and faithful in its wake.
Effect: adds poison damage to attacks.
DRAGONHEART skill icon The steadfast vigor of a Zakurum is as loyal and dedicated as can be when carrying their deeds. Combined with the heart of a dragon? Unstoppable.
Effect: increases damage, vitality and defence.
COLOSSEUM skill icon Sanctifying the ground on which he chooses to make his stand, with the flame of Zakarum in his heart a single dragon knight can ward off an army.
Curse effect: crash into target and raise an arena of fire that weakens enemies

VESSEL OF RETRIBUTION skill icon Even the most novice paladin walks with the power of Zakarum, to mete out justice to the minions of the Burning Hells.
Effect: automatically casts short ranged energy bolts at nearby enemies
RAPTURE skill icon Free of earthly limits, the paladin reaches his full God-given potential, mowing down the enemies of the Light like an avenging whirlwind from heaven.
Effect: temporarily increases all character speeds
SOLSTICE AND EQUINOX skill icon Meditation in his order’s martial temple strengthens the holy knight’s aura of righteousness, empowering the physical ethereal manifestation of his resolve.
Passive effect: improves your Vessel of Retribution based on alignment
SACRED ARMOR skill icon Zakarum protects His faithful in times of need. With the subtle aid of His spirits, the paladin's enemies fumble and manage to strike only glancing blows.
Effect: temporary provides a shield of magic resistance, base defense and life regeneration
HOPLITE skill icon Every Zakarum church trains Hoplites to safeguard itself and assist Paladins on their endeavours. The protectors of the Zakarum order are yours to command in battle.
Effect: summon a fervent army of guards

SOLAR FLARE skill icon The sun, worshipped and praised for the gift of life it provides to mortals, is also exploited for its great power and potential by the Zakarum. This power enables Paladins to inherit the powers of a Dragon.
Effect: scorch the ground beneath you with holy fire, enabling additional dragon abilities while active.
DRAKEMAW skill icon The serpentine blood of the Serafiends of Arreat quakes with vengeance, standing ready to rend and destroy anyone who is in your way.
Effect: burrow magical claws into the ground, dealing magic damage. Works only after using Solar Flare.
FROZEN BREATH skill icon A gift passed down from the Moon Knights of Kurast, the Paladins of Zakarum can breath a torrent of Ice to halt those who foolishly engage them.
Effect: cast a large breath of ice, damaging and freezing your enemies. Works only after using Solar Flare.
INCARNATION skill icon Those mighty enough to channel the powers of the sun are said to have the blood of the mighty female Dragon Knights.
Passive Effect: While under the effects of Solar Flare, gain attack rating, lifesteal, and spell damage.
DRAGON WYRMS skill icon Travelling through the harsh deserts of Aranoch grants dragon blooded the ability to create destructive life. One of such power is also wielded by the Pit Knights.
Effect: summon fiery dragon heads from the ground that shoot firebolts at your foes. Works only after using Solar Flare.

GRIM PRESENCE skill icon Not all of the Cult's miracles are divine. Even a novice blackguard knows how to empower himself with elemental force and make his mere presence weaken his enemies.
Effect: buff which causes nearby enemies to be weakened
LEMURES skill icon Zakarum is the beacon of all that is good and just. For those not among His faithful, all that awaits them after their fall from grace is the eternal darkness of the Void.
Effect: melee attack that unleashes homing cold spirits, scales with Vitality. Requires Grim Presence.
POSSESSION skill icon The initiate blackguard possesses the mind of the enemy, gaining insight into their attacks, allowing the Paladin to dodge their missiles and recover more quickly.
Passive Effect: Grants a chance to dodge projectiles, faster hit recovery, and defense
BLOOD THORNS skill icon Prophet Akarat died for humanity's sins, and the blackguard of Zakarum is determined to make the heathen spawn of Hell die for theirs.
Effect: melee attack that unleashes burning nails, scales with Vitality. Requires Grim Presence.
SANGUINE COVENANT skill icon Singing this sinister chant to Zakarum, the paladin and his brothers are blessed for each drop of heathen blood spilled.
Effect: party gains life on successful melee attacks as well as reducing enemy fire and cold resistances. Requires Grim Presence.

VESSEL OF JUSTICE skill icon Even the most novice paladin walks with the power of Zakarum, his presence striking down the forces of Hell where they stand.
Effect: automatically casts energy bolts at nearby enemies
EUPHORIA skill icon By the grace of Imperius the paladin is imbued with the essence of Valour, allowing him to strip the unrighteous of their defences and enact swift retribution.
Effect: when active, ignores the elemental resistances of enemies
LIFE AND DEATH skill icon Meditation in his order’s martial temple strengthens the unholy knight’s aura of hatred, empowering the physical ethereal manifestation of his resolve.
Passive effect: improves your Vessel of Judgement based on alignment
DEMIURGE skill icon Channel the essence of the Archangel of Valour, assuming his great strength and power to bring forth the judgement of the High Heavens.
Effect: temporarily strengthens you and calls angels from the dead
SCOURGE skill icon There is no justice like angry mob justice. The farmers and workers of Westmarch stand ready to aid in the battle against the unholy menace.
Effect: summons zealous followers

MIND FLAY skill icon With a dark prayer, the adept shadowpriest unleashes a storm of divine fire and lightning to melt the faces of those who stand against the Cult.
Effect: chaos energy beam that explodes on the target and shocks it
SYMPHONY OF DESTRUCTION skill icon The cleansing of this world is as an unstoppable rock that rolls down from Mount Zakarum to strike down the pagans with thunder and lightning, power and might.
Effect: when active, damages nearby enemies with magic damage
SLAYER skill icon He who rejects the authority of the Light will forever be haunted by nightmares of the Cult's creatures clawing at him and dragging him down into Hell to burn.
Effect: shadow creature guards an area with unholy bolts, which can cause chain lighting as strong as Mind Flay
STORMLORD skill icon Where the Covenant preaches modesty and humbleness before the Light and their fellow men, the Black Sun Cult believes that a warrior of Heaven has nothing to be ashamed of. Seize the power before the enemy does.
Passive effect: bonus to all attributes
TAINTED BLOOD skill icon The Cult's harsh food regime, mostly consisting of heathen flesh, prepares them for the reality of having to survive on dubious mushrooms and toxic spiders on the field.
Effect: infects caster with healing poison, strengthening spells, and providing mana. Disables Grim Presence.


You may choose a single uberskill at character level 90 and above.

Name Icon Effect

DRAGON'S BLESSING skill icon The female dragon knights, once righteous beings, have been corrupted by Mephisto, forced to slaughter their own worshippers and kindred. Those who have remained absolute during these times however, pass their blood along mortals to sustain their heritage, and grant them the power to strike revenge.
Passive Effect: increases a percentage of all stats
SUPERBEAST skill icon Giving himself over to the spirits of the Shadow, the paladin of the Cult slaughters his enemies in the throes of holy madness.
Effect: turns caster into a shadowfiend, increasing all speeds
RESURRECT skill icon The embrace of Zakarum represents love, compassion and forgiveness. Even those shown the Light after the most heinous crimes are granted a chance to redeem their wrongs by the grace of Zakarum.
Effect: raises dead monsters to fight for you


After completing the Ennead Challenge and keeping the Class Charm in the inventory while at character level 90 and above, you can invest points in this skill.

See THIS PAGE for more information about the Ennead Challenge.

Name Icon Effect

DIVINE APPARITION skill icon Like a deus ex machina, the paladin of Zakarum descends upon the battlefield, his mere appearance chilling his heathen enemies to the bone.
Effect: teleport to target location and freeze enemies


After killing Buyard Cholik, receiving The Black Road and having this charm in your inventory while at character level 115 and above, you can invest points in this skill.

Name Icon Effect

BLESSED LIFE skill icon A life of worship teaches the warrior of Zakarum the futility of evil. The denizens of hell are but vermin to an emissary of the Light.
Passive effect: reduces damage taken and speeds up healing apples


Paladins start with the following skill in their icon list.

Name Icon Effect

VINDICATE skill icon Zakarum rewards those who fight selflessly for all that is good and just. It is said that the Light blesses his greatest champions with eternal life and the power to fight forever as a hero of justice.
Curse effect: killing cursed foe heals party and increases damage