Median XL - Game Guide - Challenges


Level Challenge

After killing the Infernal Contraption in Normal difficulty, enter the portal to access Tran Athulua, here begins Level Challenge 1.

Find and defeat the three Priestesses. Each will drop a shard of her respective element.

Reward: Cube all three shards below level 60 to create the Sunstone.

Sunstone of the Twin Seas
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 50
+2 to All Skills
+10% Combat Speeds
-5% to Enemy Cold Resistance
-5% to Enemy Fire Resistance
-5% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
+10% Bonus to All Attributes
Elemental Resists +20%
+5% to Experience Gained

Although the level can be accessed at level 45, you cannot cube the shards together until at least level 50. If you are past level 59, you can still do the challenge, but with the added penalty of 2 Arcane Crystals per 10 levels.

Ennead Challenge

Access this challenge through killing Mephisto in Nightmare Difficulty, and kill an Ennead Necromancer boss to obtain a Heroic Torch.

Place this torch in the Horadric Cube and transmute to receive your class charm.

See THIS PAGE for more information about Kurast 3000 BA.

Your class charm adds the following bonuses depending on your class:

Amazon: uses Sacred Sunstone
Unlocks your Ennead Skill
+2 to Amazon Skills
Maximum Life +20%
+2 Life regenerated per second
Poison Length Reduced by 33%

Assassin: uses Shadow Vortex
Unlocks your Ennead Skill
+2 to Assassin Skills
+5% Chance to Avoid Damage
Poison Length Reduced by 33%
+75% Curse Length Reduction

Barbarian: uses Worldstone Orb
Unlocks your Ennead Skill
+2 to Barbarian Skills
+25% Bonus to Summoned Minion Life
+1% to Defense per Socketed Rune
Poison Length Reduced by 33%

Druid: uses Caoi Dulra Fruit
Unlocks your Ennead Skill
+2 to Druid Skills
Elemental Resists +30%
Total Character Defense +25%
Poison Length Reduced by 33%

Necromancer: uses Soulstone Shard
Unlocks your Ennead Skill
+2 to Necromancer Skills
+1000 Defense
50% Bonus to Summoned Minion Damage
Poison Length Reduced by 33%

Paladin: uses Eye of Divinity
Unlocks your Ennead Skill
+2 to Paladin Skills
Physical Resist +5%
Total Character Defense Plus 20%
Poison Length Reduced by 33%

Sorceress: uses Nexus Crystal
Unlocks your Ennead Skill
+15% Bonus to Energy Factor
+2 to Sorceress Skills
+15% to Spell Damage
Poison Length Reduced by 33%

Your free bonus skill
This skill can be found at the top left of your first skill tab. When you complete the Ennead Challenge and receive your class charm and keep it in your inventory. This allows you to put skill points into the skill.

Name Icon Effect

skill icon The basilisk snake of Skartara is a devious creature whose bite turns flesh to stone. A skilled amazon warrior may carry a few to the battlefield in a leather bag for an unexpected surprise.
Effect: throws snakes that turn enemies to stone
skill icon Dancing on the edge of shadow and playing with the light allows the assassin to weave a protective magical cloak.
Passive effect: increases magical and physical damage reduction, and provides similar bonuses to Bloodbath
skill icon Running away is for the weak. A barbarian warrior who runs is easy prey. One who stands his ground in the face of death may survive, for he is the one the ancestral spirits will favour.
Passive effect: avoids damage when standing still and improves hit recovery
skill icon The fruits of the Glor-An-Fhaidha, the mystical tree of life, can bring back mortals from the brink of death. Aside from their healing effect on humans and other animals, the juice of the Glor-An-Fhaidha's fruits can be applied to armour, making it as hard as the bark of a thousand year tree.
Passive effect: provides a bonus to maximum life and defense
skill icon Fallen enemies of the Cult may see the error of their ways when they stand before the Dragon God on the plane of the dead. Trag’Oul sometimes grants the gift of unlife to his new converts...
Passive effect: slows targets and reanimates the dead as Rathma Priests
skill icon Like a deus ex machina, the paladin of Zakarum descends upon the battlefield, his mere appearance chilling his heathen enemies to the bone.
Effect: teleport to target location and freeze enemies
skill icon The symbol of the ancient witch queen is a specially crafted conductive adamantine moon crescent that accumulates ambient energy from the magic in the environment, releasing it as a healing pulse when broken.
Effect: create a symbol in the cube that instantly heals life and mana

Veteran Tokens

In Nightmare and Hell difficulties, you can find veteran monsters near the end of each Act. There are 5 types of veteran monsters, one for each Act.

Kill them and receive an 'Evil Eye' token.

Clawstorm Terror
Fairy Witch
Glowing Blob
Bane Hunter

[Class Charm] + each of the 5 tokens → returns [Class Charm] with added bonuses

This upgrade recipe adds the following bonuses:

+1 to [Your class] Skill Levels
+15% to Experience Gained