Median XL - Game Guide - F.A.Q.




How do I install Median XL?
Install Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction, and then simply use the Median XL Launcher.

Will my classic Lord of Destruction characters work?
No; Median XL has separate characters.

I don't have the Lord of Destruction expansion!
What a bloody shame. No Median XL for you!


Which Diablo 2 version do I need?
If you install the mod with the Median XL Launcher, any version of Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction is fine, otherwise you need v1.13c

What are the system requirements for Median XL?
Any system that runs Diablo 2 reasonably well is compatible with Median XL. Note that the Diablo 2 engine is outdated and will occasionally slow down on even a modern system when too much awesome stuff happens, regardless of system specifications. This is perfectly normal and unavoidable other than by making the mod less awesome. As of Sigma, the mod will not work on Windows XP or Windows Vista, upgrade your OS, it's 2019.

Does this mod work on Mac or Linux?
Not natively. For Mac you either need to bootcamp a Windows installation or use Wine. For Linux, you use Wine or run a Windows VM.

Does this mod support PlugY?
As of Median XL: Sigma, no.

Does this mod support Multires?

Does this mod support my illegal/pirated/torrented Diablo II?
I don't know because I didn't steal the game.

Does this mod support maphack/pickit/bots?
Stop cheating and learn to play. The game does have a built-in map reveal though, assigned as a hotkey to "V" by default.

Crashes and errors

Median XL crashes while loading
- You installed a LoD patch while Median XL was already installed.
- You are using -direct -txt or a loader.

Median XL crashes
- Your Diablo 2 files were damaged. Yes, this does happen.
- Different mod versions in a LAN game.
- Error #1383: You are using D2Stats Reader and a custom Font. Remove the Font.
- "Failed to retrieve process" error: Run the game/Launcher as an Administrator.
- Error c0000005 on clicking Multiplayer: Follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.
- Error c0000005 on exit: Set the compatibility mode of the game to Windows XP SP3.
- Error c0000096: Your antivirus is probably blocking your game files and/or setting them to Read-Only.
- Game crashes at the act end cinematics: Caused by using the Diablo II no sound option (-ns), turn it off if you want to watch the cinematics.

What bugs were fixed in Sigma?

- Error #1336 (not completely fixed, but it won't crash your game when it occurs) - Error #1437 upon entering the Torajan Jungles. - The game crash that would happen at the act end cinematics with the no sound option (-ns).

Median XL does not save characters properly
- Your save folder is read only. This may be due to a permissions problem with recent Windows versions (Vista and up) which zealously protect the Program Files folder. Try running Diablo 2 as administrator.

My characters have disappeared
- A computer or game crash may have corrupted your save file. I hope you have a backup.
- Your file paths may have been redirected by another mod (active or uninstalled). Reinstall Diablo 2.
- Your file paths may have been redirected by Windows. Try running Diablo 2 as administrator. If you already did, try not running it as administrator.

Median XL gives a 'Bad Inventory Data' or similar error while loading a character
- You are attempting to use a character that is not from Median XL.
- Your character save file has become damaged.
- You tried to hack your character and failed epically.
- This may happen after a Median XL version upgrade. Although characters should be compatible between various Median XL releases, new items introduced in later patches are not backwards compatible and the Omega patch is a little more sensitive. Try going back to your earlier version and throwing out some items until your character loads.

The mod does nothing, my game did not change
- Another mod changed your file locations.
- You copied the game to another folder.
- You renamed the Median XL patch_d2.mpq file.

None of the runewords work
- Check the requirements on the runeword page.
- Fill all sockets with jewels except the last one, where you put the rune.
- Make sure the item is nonmagical (grey).
- If you were using the third party 'Runeword mod', remove it.


Why can I only put two points into a skill?
Skills start out with a maximum level of 2 that goes up by 1 after each six character levels. In other words, the maximum skill level slowly increases as your character levels up.

Does [this skill] carry [crushing blow/leech/etc.]?
Any skill that deals weapon damage will carry all weapon modifiers. The exceptions are x% Chance to cast level y [Skill] on Attack (as opposed to "Striking"), +x to [Life/Mana] on Striking in Melee and Stun Attack, which only affect melee attacks.

Where do I get teleport?
Some characters have a teleportation skill. If you use a different character or you do not have this skill, you can use an item with charges of these skills. The most popular is the runeword staff Pax Mystica, which has charges of Blink. At the end game, the Moon of the Spider reward charm for the Lord Aldric Jitan uberquest grants you the Jitan's Gate skill, and Rathma's Supremacy reward charm from The Void uberquest grants you Teleport skill.

Will the classic LoD runewords work?
The classic LoD runewords have been removed because they would not fit into the new item paradigm.

How do I get those pretty colours like on the screenshots?
If using the Launcher, simply go to the Settings and change the video mode to Direct3D, or, even better, Glide.
Go to your Diablo II folder, find the program 'D2VidTst', run it, let it do its thing for a while and then choose Direct3D or Glide mode. This enables coloured lighting in Diablo II. This does not work if you run Diablo II in a window.


What are Uberquests?
Uberquests are the ultimate challenge of Median XL. They involve special difficult monsters and bosses to kill. Most have a special unique reward for beating them on Destruction difficulty. See the Quests Menu for more information.

What are Challenges?
Challenges reward you for completing difficult tasks under special limited rules. See the Quests Menu for more information.

Strategy and tactics

What is the best class?
The best class is the class you like the most.

Physical damage kills me easily!
Defence rating and defensive skills (like the amazon's Defensive Harmony and the sorceress' Warp Armor) are much more important in Median XL than in classic LoD. By contrast, life and blocking are less important. Note that in Diablo II your defence is ignored when you run. In Median XL, walk mode is much faster and more comfortable.

Elemental damage kills me easily!
Improve your resistances. It is important to have 75% resistance to every element before Act 3 Normal. As for poison damage, the Poison Length Reduced by xx% modifier is very useful. In the end game, you should be able to find items with a bonus to maximum resistances, allowing you to increase your resistances to 85% or 90%.

My weapon attacks don't do enough damage!
Aside from the obvious solution of getting a better weapon, you can also invest into skills that increase your damage or put points into strength or dexterity. Unlike in classic LoD, the strength and dexterity bonuses make a noticeable difference at high levels, especially if you have no skills that add +% damage (bowazon). The description of the weapon tells you how much damage you gain at your current strength or dexterity value.

My spells don't do enough damage!
The +x% to [Element] Spell Damage modifiers are plentiful and powerful. Get some of these bonuses and you will notice a significant difference. Aim for +200% in your chosen elements by the end game. Also make sure to put some points into energy to benefit from the spell damage synergy. The spell description of affected spells tells you how much of a damage bonus you gain at your current energy value.

My minions die all the time!
Many items carry the +x% Bonus to Summoned Minion Life modifier. Focus on these items and your minions will get much stronger.

My minions die all the time to elemental damage!
Focus on items with +x% Bonus to Summoned Minion Resistances. At skill level 5 and up, minions have 75% base resistance in Hatred difficulty, 25% in Terror and -25% in Destruction. The maximum amount of minion resistances on items you can have is +75%, meaning your minions can be elemental immune in Hatred and Terror but not Destruction.

[This enemy] is invulnerable!
Uberquest enemies usually have a special trick to them. Some bosses are protected by a shield when their minions are nearby. Others can only be damaged after you kill a minion. Some enemies are simply unkillable and should be avoided. Consult the documentation for the uberquest for more information.


My gems are not upgraded by a Gem Shrine!
Due to a Diablo II engine limitation, the new gems are not considered gems in some parts of the game.

Is it normal that an uberboss spawns as a champion pack?
Diablo II likes to force spawn champions even when explicitly asked not to, or when a given monster is excluded from the champion pool. Restart the game and try again.


Can I play Median XL with other people?
Median XL has its very own private multiplayer server, a realm called The Sin War. It also supports TCP/IP multiplayer and open

How do I find other Median players?
The Sin War section on the official FORUM allows players to find each other and play on the realm together. For TCP/IP and other, you're on your own.

TCP/IP or open doesn't work!
Make sure that all players in the game have the same version of Diablo II LoD, the same version of the mod, and that the host has port 4000 forwarded. If playing locally, make sure it is forwarded in the host's firewall. If playing over a wider area, forward in the host's router.

I checked all that and it still doesn't work!
Median XL does not interfere with your ability to play multiplayer. This is not a Median XL: problem. If a router or LAN is involved, Diablo II may display an incorrect IP address; consult a site like to obtain your public IP. If you still don't have luck, ask for help on the FORUM.