Median XL - Game Guide - Cube Recipes

Cube Recipes


Far from being the interesting magical gimmick you may be used to, the Median XL cube is a powerful weapon of war.


These reagents can be found by killing the appropriate monster:
Catalyst of Disenchantment: kill Andariel on Normal difficulty
Catalyst of Learning: kill the Summoner on Nightmare difficulty

These reagents can be bought from a vendor in each town, except Oil of Conjuration which must be found.

Arcane Shards
This reagent is obtained by disenchanting unique items.

Arcane Crystal
This reagent is created by cubing Arcane Shards in sets of five.

Arcane Cluster
This reagent is created by cubing an Arcane Crystal with an Oil of Craft.

Mystic Orbs
These reagents can be bought from any magic items vendor. Note that the strongest Mystic Orbs are not for sale...

Orange crucifixes that drop in late Nightmare and in Hell difficulty. They enable you to create and bless items, see below.

Mark of Infusion
This reagent is obtained by killing Shenk, the Overseer on any difficulty.


Arcane Shards, Crystals and Clusters

Destroy up to 10 spare unique items to create Arcane Shards and combine those into Arcane Crystals, which are required for other cube recipes.

Any unique item + Catalyst of Disenchantment → Arcane Shards + Catalyst of Disenchantment

Arcane Shards x5 → Arcane Crystal

You can also create an Arcane Cluster for easier Arcane Crystal safekeeping:

Arcane Crystal + Oil of Craft → Arcane Cluster

Arcane Cluster can be right-clicked to collect all Arcane Crystals from the inventory, cube and stash.

Signets of Learning

Destroy up to 25 spare sacred unique or set items to create Signets of Learning. Click the signet to gain 1 attribute point permanently.

Any sacred unique/set item + Catalyst of Learning → Signet of Learning + Catalyst of Learning

Each character can use a maximum of 400 Signets of Learning.


Upgrade to Non-magical Item

Upgrade any item to regular quality or a regular item to superior. This also rerolls the socket count on the item.

Low quality weapon/armor + Oil of Enhancement → reroll item as regular
Any quality weapon/armor + Oil of Renewal → reroll item as superior

Upgrade to Magical Item

Upgrade a plain superior item (white or grey) to a basic magical item.

Superior weapon/armor + Oil of Enhancement → reroll item as magic

Reroll Magic to Honorific

Honorific items are blank items that receive a double bonus from Mystic Orbs. This enables you to create your own custom items from scratch, provided you have some money to spend on the ingredients and the Mystic Orbs.

Magic weapon/armor + Mark of Infusion → return item as honorific

Honorific items have no modifiers, but have maximum sockets and receive a double bonus from Mystic Orbs.

Reroll any Item to Unique

This powerful recipe uses the reagents obtained by disenchanting other uniques to turn any tiered item of your choosing into a unique. But choose wisely, because the crystals are precious and costly to replace.

Any non-sacred item + Oil of Enhancement + Arcane Crystal x2 → reroll item as unique

Reroll Modifiers

These recipes reroll the properties and socket count on any superior item. This is useful to try and get better the superior bonuses on your item before making a runeword.

Superior item + Oil of Renewal → reroll item

This recipe keeps the item level the same - unless it's over 99, in which case it reduces it to 99.

Rare Downlevel

This recipe allows you to create yourself some baseline items. These items can be helpful to craft low-level items with space for Mystic Orbs.

Rare weapon/armor + rare amulet + rare ring → reroll item as level 1 rare item


Uptiering an item increases its base statistics and maximum sockets but also increases requirements. These recipes cannot create Sacred items.
This recipe works for tiered items of all qualities. If the item is unique, its stats will be upgraded to match the next tier on the Tiered Uniques page.

See THIS PAGE for more information about item tiers.

Non-sacred weapon/armor + Arcane Crystal → reroll as next higher tier


Mystic Orbs

Mystic Orbs add a magical bonus to an item at the cost of a higher required level to use the item. There are many known types sold by vendors, but rumours persist of lost ancient orbs with miraculous powers...

Any equippable item + regular Mystic Orb → add orb bonus and +4 required level

You can only apply up to 5 of the same type of regular Mystic Orb to your item.

The level requirement penalty is applied after taking into account both the base item required level and the level of any socket fillers. This means for example if you have a belt with required level 20, add five orbs (level penalty +20) and socket a Rha rune (required level 100), you get a belt with required level 100+20 = 120. For that reason, to avoid going over required level 140 on accident, always add the socket fillers before adding orbs.

Socket Punch

Use this recipe to add extra sockets to an item. The more jewels you feed this recipe, the more sockets it will create.

Non-socketed item + jewel x[1-6] → returns item with [1-6] sockets

Warning! This recipe will not go over the max natural sockets an item can have. Lower tier items have a lower socket count. Excess jewels are wasted. You also cannot add more sockets to an item that already has some.

See THIS PAGE for more information about maximum sockets.

Lucky Bonus

This recipe grants one chance to add a minor extra bonus to an item. Any item that has been transmuted with this recipe will show up as "Already upgraded!". Items marked as such cannot be used for this recipe.

Any item + Oil of Luck → returns item, may add bonuses

This recipe has 20% chance to add any of the following bonuses:

Weapon: +20% Enhanced Damage and/or 100% Bonus to Attack Rating
Elemental Weapon: +20% Attack Speed and/or 100% Bonus to Attack Rating
Armour: +20% Enhanced Defense and/or Damage Reduced by 1%
Amulet: +1 to All Skills
Ring: +5% to Spell Damage
Quiver: 5% Bonus to all Attributes
Jewel: +2 to Strength and/or +2 to Dexterity and/or +2 to Energy and/or +2 to Vitality

Magical Bonus

In some of the more powerful areas, you might find the Oil of Conjuration, which is a concoction highly sought after by many mages. Any item that has been transmuted with this recipe will show up as "Already upgraded!". Items marked as such cannot be used for this recipe.

Any weapon + Oil of Conjuration → returns item, may add bonus

This recipe has 40% chance to add the following bonus:

Weapon: +10% to Spell Damage

Adventurers say they have heard of powerful evil monsters creating these in locations such as the Icy Cellar, Abaddon, Pit of Acheron and Infernal Pit.

Lottery Bonus

This recipe works exactly like the lucky upgrade one, but it has only a 3% chance of adding the bonus. Any item that has been transmuted with this recipe will show up as "Already upgraded!". Items marked as such cannot be used for this recipe.

Any Unique/Set Weapon + Legacy of Blood
Any Unique/Set Armor + Idol of Vanity
Any Unique/Set Amulet + Moon of the Spider
Any Unique Ring + Spirit Trance Herb
Any Unique Quiver + Azmodan's Heart
Any Unique Jewel + Sunstone of the Gods
→ returns item, may add bonuses

This recipe has 3% chance to add any of the following bonuses:

Unique/Set Weapon: Ignore Target's Defense
Unique/Set Armour: Increase Maximum Life 5%
Unique Amulet: +(1 to 2) % to All Maximum Resistances
Unique Ring: +1 to All Skills
Unique Quiver: 50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Unique Jewel: All Resists +10%


In Nightmare and Hell difficulty, you may find blessed relics from the ancient labyrinth beneath Tristram, stolen before its collapse.

During those dark days the holy shrines in the cathedral's catacombs offered salvation to some adventurers and damnation to others; removed from their sockets, the enchanted crosses cannot permanently affect humans anymore, but their divine powers can be applied to items.

There are 16 types of shrines with eldritch names. Beware, results may vary depending on divine will.

The following shrines exist:

Abandoned Shrine
Creepy Shrine
Eerie Shrine
Enchanted Shrine
Fascinating Shrine
Hidden Shrine
Intimidating Shrine
Magical Shrine
Ornate Shrine
Quiet Shrine
Sacred Shrine
Shimmering Shrine
Spiritual Shrine
Tainted Shrine
Trinity Shrine
Weird Shrine

Each shrine comes with 10 charges. Each use in the cube will drain one charge. When you use up the last charge, it disappears.

Experiment, learn and create some of the most powerful items in all of Sanctuary.

Shrine Vessels

Carrying many holy relics can be a burden. Store your full shrines into a corresponding holy vessel that can hold up to 1000 shrines:

Shrine (10) + Oil of Craft → Shrine Vessel
Shrine Vessel + any amount of Shrines (10) → Shrine Vessel (adds shrines)
Shrine Vessel → Shrine Vessel (-1) + Shrine

Shrine Vessels can be right-clicked to collect all Shrines of the same type from the inventory, cube and stash.

Shrine Crafting

Use a shrine to turn any sacred item into a powerful crafted item. The crafted item comes with several random rare modifiers and additional preset modifiers based on shrine type. The preset modifiers may stack with the rare modifiers, creating some very powerful items.

Rare/Crafted Sacred item + Shrine → reroll item as crafted + Shrine (-1 charge)

Crafted items always have maximum sockets.

See THIS PAGE for more information about preset shrine modifiers.
See THIS PAGE for more information about random rare modifiers (affixes).

Shrine Blessing

A variant of shrine crafting, this recipe allows you to impart the blessings of the shrine unto an existing sacred item. This adds to the item the same preset shrine modifiers as the shrine crafting recipe and also subtracts 1 charge. You can only use this recipe once per item, so choose your shrine wisely.

Rare/Crafted/Honorific Sacred item + Shrine + 2x Arcane Crystal → add shrine bonuses + Shrine (-1 charge)



You can craft jewels as well, for an even higher degree of customizing your items. The crafted jewel comes with a few random rare modifiers and always gets all preset modifiers based on the used rune. The preset modifiers may stack with the rare modifiers, creating some very powerful jewels.

Jewel + Rune + Oil of Craft + Arcane Crystal/Shards →
Rune + Arcane Shards (-1) + Crafted Jewel with added bonuses

Every time you craft a Jewel, its item level is reduced by 5%, rounded up and capped at 1 and 99.

The preset modifiers on the jewel depend on the rune used, as follows:

Tir: (1 to 3)% Magic Find
Ith: Elemental Resists +(3 to 5)%
Ort: Requirements -(2 to 4)%
Shael: +(21 to 50) Defense
Lum: (-1 to 1)% to Experience Gained
Lem: +(3 to 5) to All Attributes
Ist: +(4 to 6)% to Summoned Minion Life
Ohm: +(2 to 4) to Maximum Damage
Ber: (1 to 2)% Life Stolen per Hit and (1 to 2)% Mana Stolen per Hit
Zod: +(1 to 2)% to Spell Damage
Kur: +(3 to 6)% to Summoned Minion Damage
Nas: Slows Melee Target by 1%
Vith: +(2 to 4)% to Summoned Minion Resistances
Thai: +(2 to 4) to Minimum Damage
Nih: +(2 to 8) Life on Attack and +(2 to 8) Mana on Attack
On: +(2 to 4) Life after each Kill and +(2 to 4) Mana after each Kill


Gem Upgrade

You can upgrade gems to the higher quality levels. Note that unlike classic Diablo II, this recipe only requires two gems, not three.

Same gem x2 → next higher gem quality

Rune Upgrade/Downgrade

You can upgrade or downgrade runes to the next higher or lower rune. This is useful when you need a certain exact rune to create a runeword.

Same rune x2 → rune one level higher
Same rune x4 → rune two levels higher
Same rune x2 + rune one level higher → rune two levels higher
Rune → rune one level lower

These recipes do not allow you to obtain or downgrade:
Great Runes (Taha, Ghal, Qor, Krys, Auhe and Sha'ad)
Elemental Runes (Stone, Magic, Fire, Ice, Light and Poison) or Kabraxis' Stone rune.

Unsocket Recipe

These recipes separate the socket fillers (gems, jewels, runes) from an item and return both the item and the socket fillers.

Magical, Rare, Set, Unique, Crafted or Honorific:

Socketed item + Oil of Disjunction → separate item and socket fillers


Socketed item + Oil of Disjunction + perfect gem x3 → separate item and socket fillers

Non-magical socketed items are grey, and therefore include runewords. The price is higher for these items to prevent unhealthy amounts of runeword rerolling.

R.I.P. Recipe

If you went wild with reanimate items and now you can't see the forest for the reanimated Ents, this recipe can help. It adds the 'R.I.P.' modifier to an item, causing your kills to stay dead instead of rising up to get in your way. This should help out players with slower computers.

Any item + Oil of Renewal + Arcane Crystal → returns item with R.I.P. modifier

This recipe adds the following bonus:

Slain Monsters Rest in Peace

Warning! Do not forget the Arcane Crystal or you will destroy more than you bargained for.

Cow Level Portal

Moo! You need to stand in the Rogue Encampment in Hell difficulty to use this recipe. Be careful, the cows have been beefed up compared to the regular Diablo II.

Wirt's Leg → Cow Level portal

Killing the Cow King does not disable this recipe.

I Am Rich

Want to show the common rabble in your game how rich and powerful you are? This recipe consumes some of the rarest trophies in the game and returns a completely useless item that grants you a glowing red aura. Show it to friends and strangers so they know that you are strong, powerful and wealthy enough to waste trophies on a worthless item.

See the Uberquests section for more information.

Yshari Sanctum Trophy + Void Trophy + Uldyssian Trophy + Vial of Elder Blood → I Am Rich Gem

This recipe is inspired by the $1000 iPhone application that does nothing.