Median XL - Game Guide - Difficulty Levels

Difficulty Levels


Just like regular Diablo II Lord of Destruction, Median XL features three difficulty levels. Killing Baal unlocks the next difficulty level for that character.

Level range (regular game) : 1-55

The first and easiest difficulty level. Regular monsters range from 50 to 10K health and deal 1 to 200 damage. Their AI is not very bright and leech works at 1.4 effectiveness, which should be just fine considering the increased amount of damage characters can deal compared to the regular game.

Level range (regular game) : 55-99

A significant step up in difficulty, regular monsters range from 10K to 100K health and deal 250 to 750 damage. Leech is reduced to 1/7 effectiveness. There is a 50% resistances penalty. If you can beat Nightmare, you have completed the regular game.

Level range (regular game) : 100-115
Level range (uberquests) : 105-140+

Every monster is extremely aggressive. Regular monsters range from 100K to 300K health and deal 500 to 1000 damage, but uberquest monsters go far beyond that. Abandon all hope. Leech is reduced to 1/15 to make up for high attack damage at this point in the game and there's a 100% resistances penalty.

Sacred uniques drop only in Destruction difficulty.