Median XL - Game Guide - Wastelands



The Wastelands are a murky world located on the edge of Pandemonium. They are constantly in flux, and are without true form. Those who enter the Wastelands can find themelves feeling disorientated and under emotional assault, and can find themselves lost in the realm.

The Wastelands represent all areas that are not in the mortal plane, and might be accessed from any act.



Act 4: Plains of Despair
Kill Izual and open a Dark Portal to Khalimgrad.

Heaven. Nirvana. Celestia. Call it what you will. Home of the heavenly host, which almost destroyed the taint on creation that is the mortal plane twice and allowed it to get overrun by the forces of Hell. Far from being the beings of love they are believed to be by the common folk, the angels of the High Heavens present a clear and present danger to Sanctuary. It may be better to strike first.

Ethereals are the physical manifestations of common angels. They attack furiously, but when you kill one of them, it shatters, reducing all resistances of other nearby enemies to -100% but inspiring them with righteous zeal. The Lightwell gargoyles with their deadly poison bolts are impossible for mortals to destroy and should best be avoided. Keep a close eye on the health of your minions: the death of a minion releases its soul to heaven, healing all Ethereals and Avatars. Casting Nightmare or deploying a Void Archon nearby will stop this healing.

Zakarum's Avatars watch over the battle on wings of light. They are divine and immortal, but when an Ethereal dies nearby, the backlash temporarily makes them vulnerable, reducing all resistances to 0%. Strike while it lasts, and strike several times, because their divine grace enable them to ignore a percentage of all incoming attacks.

Defeat Zakarum's Avatars on Destruction difficulty to get the Zakarum's Ear (1/6 chance).

Zakarum's Ear
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 80
+(16 to 25)% to Experience Gained
(6 to 10)% Bonus to All Attributes

Drop Bias
Increased chance to drop rare items.


Lord of Lies

Realm of Lies (Act 4: Chaos Sanctuary)
Kill Maghda and open a Dark Portal to the Realm of Lies.

After his defeat in the civil war in Hell, the Lord of Lies and infernal King of Rats was banished to Sanctuary where he plots his return. The icy caves under Harrogath offered him both proximity to the powerful Worldstone and a dark moist breeding ground for his rodent servants.

As the Lord of Lies, Belial prefers to cheat in battle. His main offence consists of his Henchmen who use the Punisher spell to poison heroes to death. If one gets through this line of defence, his tiny rat familiars go on the attack. Being so small and fast, they cannot be hit or even aimed at. Belial himself wields a spell that spits out punishers in random directions, as well as an area effect spell that slowly siphons the victim's life away and the ability to summon more rats from the ground to swarm the unwary hero. According to witnesses, Belial does attack recklessly from time to time, chasing his enemy around by teleportation, but demonologists believe that this is just to impress his underlings and his main intention is to get close to summon another batch of Henchmen.

Defeat Belial on Destruction difficulty to get the Book of Lies.

Book of Lies
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 60
+(51 to 500) to Life
+(51 to 500) to Mana


The Black Road

The Black Road (Act 4: Chaos Sanctuary)
Kill Buyard Cholik and open a Dark Portal to the Black Road.

The Thief of Hope and the Banisher of Light is a demon lord summoned long ago by a very powerful Vizjerei magi. He used his intelligence and power to form his cult and rule the lands. People followed his philosophy; 'walked' the Black Road he created, and soon his power grew so much that even the Prime Evils feared him. Thus they imprisoned him within the portal he came from, between the Sanctuary and the Burning Hells. It is whispered, among his remaining followers, that there is a way to release him from his centuries-long prison...

The Pillar of Skulls seals Kabraxis. Once you kill it, Kabraxis will be released. He will pounce on you with various attacks, summon his skeleton army of followers and cast broadside or teleport when hit. Your best hope is to keep running and killing the skeletons as fast as you can, and not stand close to Kabraxis all the time.

Defeat Kabraxis, Thief of Hope on Destruction difficulty to get the Soul of Kabraxis.

Soul of Kabraxis
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 100
50% Chance to cast level 49 Trinity Nova when you Die
+1 to All Skills

2% chance to drop a trophy on Destruction difficulty. Cube the trophy with the charm for a small bonus.

Bonus quest
If you're feeling like releasing more powerful beings, there are also 5 orb seals which used to seal Kabraxis once. Each seal is for one element: Fire, Cold, Lightning, Magic and Physical. When one is destroyed, it will unseal an Ultra Elemental, along with some normal elementals. The Ultra Elemental spawns new elementals, fires a powerful spell and takes damage only from it's own element - so be prepared to have a source of damage for every one of the elements. Once defeated, each Ultra Elemental will drop a Great Gem. Transmute all 5 Gems with the Kabraxis' Soul to get additional bonuses.

Soul of Kabraxis + 5x Great Gems → Soul of Kabraxis with added bonuses

This upgrade recipe adds the following bonuses:

+(0 to 5)% to Maximum Fire Resist
+(0 to 5)% to Maximum Cold Resist
+(0 to 5)% to Maximum Lightning Resist
+(0 to 5)% to Maximum Poison Resist
+20 Required Level

Spirit World

Mbwiru Eikura (Act 3: Teganze)

Mbwiru Eikura, also know as the Spirit World, is the central tenet of the Umbaru's belief system. They believe that the mortal realm is simply an illusion which covers the true reality that is the Spirit World. It is from here that the Umbaru draw their dark powers. Trapped in this reality one might find Zorun Tzin, a powerful mage from Khejan, who was sent to discover more about the Edyrem and their powers. He grew envious of them for having these immense powers from birth, as opposed to him having to study a lifetime to acquire them. He wanted to get hold of Uldyssian, the Edyrem leader, so he ambushed a caravan Uldyssian traveled with, capturing him. Before he could thoroughly interrogate him, his servant the giant Terul, possessed by Malic, tried to control Uldyissian. Ultimately Uldyssian defeated Terul, and the now hostless spirit of Malic, facing obliteration, possessed Zorun Tzin trapping him in the Spirit World.

He will pounce on you as soon as he sees you. This triggers off a devastating six-directional projectile spell which is countered by staying in his melee range. However this will not be so easy, because of Zorun's Spine attack. It deals no damage by itself but it summons untargetable, high physical damage dealing zombies whose job is to get you on the run, hence making you susceptible to the above spell. He may also invoke a devastating fiery explosion which has a slow charge up time, be sure to move out of the blast centre. His last ability is to spawn statues which are invulnerable to all and must be purified. These grant him a large radius invulnerability aura.

Defeat Zorun Tzin on Destruction difficulty to get a Mystic Shard. Cube it with your Trader's Chest for an added bonus.

World Nexus

Ruins of Ureh

The World Nexus, the dimension between heaven and hell which no one knows how to reach. Here the formerly beautiful daughter of Juris Khan, Atanna, awaits your arrival. While she was able to resist Diablo’s influence longer than most, in the end she succumbed and now she is an undead demon at his disposal looking to take her anger out on anyone who stumbles into the world between worlds.

Atanna Khan's resting place is guarded by two upper levels, which are themselves black labyrinths haunted by lesser witches. The matron's handmaidens summon up dread fire from the void - gloaming flames that track your movements and grasp at your very soul. Do not let these fires touch you, lest you be lost to the maze. If you can manage to navigate your way to the depths of the Nexus and traverse its bridges carefully, you will find yourself in the World Nexus, where the dimensional planes themselves are born. It is said that the souls of those who sought forbidden knowledge are entangled in its black mire, doomed to travel the dark endlessly. Maybe if you gave them aid...

If you can find the Witch's final resting place, rouse her from her millennial sleep and witness the paragon of wrath. She is shielded by dark magic, too old and arcane to penetrate. Purify her soul, and give her the eternal sleep she so violently desires. Beware her high magic damage ranged projectile spell and her forcefields, which knock you back into the welcoming embrace of her sisters. If you stray too far away she may pounce on you unleashing a devastating multihitting nova, which must be avoided at all costs.

Defeat Atanna Khan on Destruction difficulty to get the The Sleep. This empty charm allows you to add a powerful enchantment to it by transmuting it with any one of the 17 existing trophies. Each trophy adds an unique bonus, but only one trophy can be applied, only once, so choose carefully.

The Sleep + Trophy → The Sleep with added bonuses

This upgrade recipe adds the following bonuses:

Akarat Trophy:
50% Faster Run/Walk
(6 to 10)% Mana stolen per Hit
(6 to 10)% Life stolen per Hit
+(1 to 3) to Light Radius
Black Road Trophy:
-(3 to 7)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
-(3 to 7)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
-(3 to 7)% to Enemy Poison Resistance
-(3 to 7)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
Astrogha Trophy:
+(0 to 1) to All Skills
(41 to 50)% Chance of Open Wounds
Slows Target by (6 to 10)%
(21 to 30)% Curse Length Reduction
Legacy of Blood Trophy:
+(21 to 30) to Strength
+(21 to 30) to Dexterity
+(21 to 30) to Vitality
+(21 to 30) to Energy
Heart of Sin Trophy:
(41 to 50)% Bonus to Buff/Debuff/Cold Skill Duration
+(51 to 100) to Life
Replenish Life +(51 to 100)
+(51 to 100) to Mana
Half Freeze Duration
Lord Aldric Jitan Trophy:
(1 to 5)% Deadly Strike
(21 to 30)% Chance of Uninterruptable Attack
Poison Length Reduced by 25%
Archbishop Lazarus Trophy:
50% Increased Attack Speed
50% Faster Cast Rate
Increase Maximum Life (6 to 15)%
+(1 to 2)% to All Maximum Resistance
Viz-jun Trophy:
(41 to 50)% Faster Hit Recovery
+(101 to 500) Defense
Damage Reduced by (1 to 5)%
Total Character Defense Plus (41 to 50)%
Cathedral of Light Trophy:
+(21 to 30) Energy Factor to Spell Damage
+(1 to 5)% Bonus to Energy Factor
+(11 to 15)% to Spell Damage
Increase Maximum Mana (6 to 10)%
Quov Tsin Trophy:
All Resists +(15 to 20)%
+(1 to 5) Cold Absorb
+(1 to 5) Lightning Absorb
+(1 to 5) Fire Absorb
Duncraig Trophy:
+(101 to 150)% Damage to Demons
+(101 to 150)% Damage to Undead
+(101 to 150) to Life
+(41 to 50) Life on Striking in Melee
Rathma Square Trophy:
(101 to 150)% Bonus to Attack Rating
(6 to 10)% Chance of Crushing Blow
(1 to 5)% Bonus to All Attributes
Reduces all Vendor Prices (11 to 20)%
Judgement Day Trophy:
+(6 to 10) Enhanced Stance Radius
+(11 to 20)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Resistances
+(41 to 50)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Life
+(41 to 50)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Damage
Tran Athulua Trophy:
+50 magic damage
Damage Reduced by 50

(201 to 250)% Extra Gold from Monsters
(41 to 50)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Kingdom of Shadow Trophy:
50% Faster Run/Walk
50% Faster Block Rate
Adds 7-13 damage
Regenerate Mana +(11 to 15)%
Uldyssian Trophy:
Adds 50-75 fire damage
Adds 50-75 cold damage
Adds 50-75 lightning damage
(0 to 1)% Reanimate as: Destroyer Shaman
Triune Trophy:
+(6 to 10)% to Strength
+(6 to 10)% to Dexterity
+(6 to 10)% to Vitality
+(6 to 10)% to Energy


Archbishop Lazarus

Genesis (Act 3: The Proving Grounds)

There are many religions in Sanctuary. Although they all tell very different stories, loremasters agree that since most of them seem to be effective and enable their faithful to work miracles, there has to be a common truth between them. One particular element found in most religions is the creation of the world by a God or other deity, whether it be Anu, the Earthfather and Skymother or even Tiarna Dulra. Some even believe that the world as we know it was shaped by an individual human on another plane, one 'Archbishop Lazarus' with a calculation engine powered by lightning. According to this cult, when humanity complains too much about the difficult living conditions in Sanctuary and the scarcity of divine weaponry, he may send his avatar to the mortal plane to deal with those who annoy him in person...

The Groupies are just your average frenzied fanbois with throwing knives and should not be too hard to dispatch despite their tri-elemental attack. The boss, Archbishop Lazarus, is at a whole different level. Do not stand still in his crosshairs or he will cast either Deathstrike or Singularity on you and annihilate you. If you keep moving, he will attempt an offensive teleport, summon more minions and may cast totems that kill you if you go near them. Do not destroy the totems: they will unleash wild magic that renders you brittle as glass and heals Archbishop Lazarus and his Groupies. Using his powers, Archbishop Lazarus is invulnerable to any damage and this time there is no loophole or weakness. Use the Purify skill you acquired in Duncraig and keep hitting the power tripping modmaker with it until he dies.

Defeat Archbishop Lazarus on Destruction difficulty to get the Glorious Book of Median.

Glorious Book of Median
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 100
+1 to All Skills
(51 to 75)% Damage to Demons
+13 damage
All Resists +(11 to 15)%
(0 to 3)% Reanimate as: Groupie
(101 to 125)% Extra Gold from Monsters

2% chance to drop a trophy on Destruction difficulty. Cube the trophy with the charm for a small bonus.

This quest is a tribute to Brother Laz, the original creator of Median.

The Void

Black Abyss
Plane of Sloth
Plane of Gluttony
Plane of Greed
Plane of Lust
Plane of Wrath
Plane of Envy
Plane of Pride
The Void

Kill Diablo and open a Dark Portal to the Black Abyss.

With the creation of the Sanctuary by the angel Inarius and demoness Lilith, the demons and angels who wanted to avoid the Great Conflict between the High Heavens and Pits of the Burning Hells came with them and settled it. The first humans were created as their offspring by mixing the demonic and angelic – the Nephalem. At first they seemed to be nothing like their parent, but quickly it became evident that they wield latent magical powers possibly even greater than their ancestors. Finding this out, Inarius decided to kill them all, but Lilith wanted to make an army to fight the Heaven and Hell. They began fighting, and Lilith, defeated, was banished into the Void – an utterly empty and black space, a prison for various beings – to be eternally trapped there.

Rathma, their son, had avoided the slaughter that followed, and became the servant and student of a mystical dragon-guardian of the Sanctuary – Trag'Oul. After a thousand years, Lilith escaped the Void in the middle of the Sin War events, faming Uldyssian and making him fight the Triune and various related demons with his companions - one of them being Mendeln, his brother. Rathma took in Mendeln, and trained him as his apprentice – the two of them being the first Necromancers, following the teachings of Trag'Oul. Eventually, Rathma was found and sent to the Void by Inarius, but Trag'Oul sent Mendeln to retrieve Rathma at a great risk.

In this deep nothingness, look within and explore your very existence until you come to your soul. Being so bare out here, take a voyage in your mind and fight your 7 deadly sins in unfamiliar locations, each conjured anew every time you visit them with your though. Once you have beaten them all, cube their remnants to get the Sigil of the 7 Deadly Sins. Then use your Mage Rage in the Void to release your inner rage and clear yourself from sins, expunging them to nothingness. With enough power, it is possible to, in this way, temporarily create small figmets of reality or summon a similar powerful moment – now long gone.

Doing so, you might come upon Rathma, disciple of Trag'Oul and Mendeln, Apprentice of Rathma – the first necromancer. They fight each-other with powerful spells, but attack you if you interfere with the dispute.

Defeat Rathma, Apprentice of Trag'Oul on Destruction difficulty to get Rathma's Supremacy.

Rathma's Supremacy
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 120
+(1 to 2) to Light Radius

Bonus quest
It seems this item has the markings of a powerful necromantic container. If only you knew how to trap a soul in it, like the first necromancer, Mendeln, did first so long ago... To upgrade it, cube it while you have two swirlies (these last for 1 minute) for having killed both Rathma and Mendeln at the same time.

Rathma's Supremacy → Rathma's Supremacy with added bonuses

This upgrade recipe adds the following bonuses:

+(1 to 2) to All Skills
+(3 to 7) to Teleport

Drop Bias
Chance to drop enchanting crystals.

Herald of the End

Edge of Nothingness

Defeat Baal on the Destruction difficulty to chance upon a mystery item. Solve its riddle, and gain access to the Edge of Nothingness.

The Eternal Conflict between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells has been raging from times immemorial. Angel fighting demon. Demon fighting angel. On, and on, and on... with no end in sight. The demon Lilith captured an angel, Inarius, and to her surprise, she discovered that they both grew tired of the Eternal Conflict. They decided to use the powers of the Worldstone to create Sanctuary, a world apart from the struggles of the everlasting war. They used the Worldstone to hide it from both sides of the conflict, but both sides soon discovered it, and tried to use it to their gain. The Burning Hells invaded Sanctuary, headed by the three Prime Evils, but were faced by a group of heroes, defending their home realm. The prime evils were defeated by mere mortals, but not before Baal could corrupt the Worldstone, trying to bind Sanctuary to the Burning Hells. The archangel Tyrael destroyed the Worldstone to prevent that, but in doing so, he also destroyed what was hiding the Sanctuary from the Heavens, Hell...

...and the worlds beyond the bounds of the known. Then, a foolish hero, in search of glory, to defeat evil, played with the unknown forces of the shards of the destroyed Worldstone, and through the gates of oblivion, from the Edge of Nothingness, stepped in a Herald of the End.

Samael, Herald of the End, has powers beyond this realm. As an elder being, he has powerful direct attacks and latent powers. He casts a pentagram that renders everything asunder, except at its very center, and a dark energy orb which bombards the area with bone spears. If you survive, he will teleport to you causing a delayed flaming nova. Of course, he also has a powerful aura that reduces the powers of puny mortals in his presence, deals damage, and makes energy fields randomly appear and detonate after a short time. As if these horrors were not enough, he also summons forth allies from the beyond, which are ethereal and cannot be harmed, shooting bolts at you. Good luck, mortal, may you die a painful death for bringing the end upon us all!

If the stars of the all known realms align, and you defeat Samael on Destruction difficulty, you will find that his blood holds immense powers. It would be wise to gather it in a Vial of Elder Blood. If defeated on the TSW realm, you will also gain one of a few elder items he brought with him.

Vial of Elder Blood
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 121
-5% to All Enemy Resistances
Increase Maximum Life and Mana (6 to 10)%
+50 Mana after each Kill
+50 Life after each Kill
+50% to Experience Gained