Median XL - Game Guide - Level Challenge 2

Level Challenge 2


Looking for a challenge in Terror difficulty? The Level Challenge 2 rewards you for beating a specific uberquest at a low character level.

Killing a Boss
This challenge requires you to 'kill' a boss. This means that you need to be physically present at the battle and near the boss when it dies before you can use the cube recipe that grants you the reward.

If you succeed in killing the target monster, you get a whirling red overlay that looks like three rotating bolts:

You now have 30 seconds to perform the cube recipe. If you are too slow and the red overlay vanishes, you have to do it again!

Warning: This does not work if the monster is killed by reflected damage, due to a Diablo II engine limitation. Please use different means of killing the target.

You need your Class Charm
This challenge requires you to have your Class Charm. This is a charm that drops in the Kurast 3000 BA uberlevel. If you did the Ennead Challenge, you already have one.

If not, see THIS PAGE for more information about Kurast 3000 BA.

There are 7 class charms, one for each character class.


Do the Death Projector uberquest on Terror difficulty and defeat the Death Projector.

This will trigger the whirly effect. Cube your Class Charm with a perfect gem to receive additional bonuses if your character's level is low enough.

You have 30 seconds to cube the Class Charm after destroying Death Projector, so keep your cube empty!

See THIS PAGE for more information about Death Projector.

[Class Charm] + perfect gem → returns [Class Charm] with added bonuses

Requires: level 90 or below

This upgrade recipe adds the following bonuses:

Amazon: uses Sacred Sunstone
Increase Maximum Life 5%
Replenish Life +25

Assassin: uses Shadow Vortex
Curse Length Reduced by 25%
5% Chance to Avoid Damage

Barbarian: uses Worldstone Orb
5% Bonus to Summoned Minion Life
+1% to Defense per Socketed Rune

Druid: uses Caoi Dulra Fruit
Total Character Defense Plus 25%
All Resists +5%

Necromancer: uses Soulstone Shard
+1 Extra Totems
10% Bonus to Summoned Minion Damage

Paladin: uses Eye of Divinity
Damage Reduced by 5%
Total Character Defense Plus 10%

Sorceress: uses Nexus Crystal
+15% Bonus to Energy Factor
+3% to Spell Damage

Btw. You gain no experience on Terror difficulty from Death Projector itself. Keep trying until you succeed!