Median XL - Game Guide - Black Road Challenge

Black Road Challenge


The Black Road challenge is the hardest challenge in Median XL. It consists of five trials, ranging from easy to very difficult. Obtain the favors of the demonlord Kabraxis by overcoming his tests of faith and he will impart some of his dark knowledge unto you.

You can do the five trials in any order, but you need to do all of them if you want the reward. Make sure you have your Class Charm, which you can obtain from the Kurast 3000 BA uberlevel.

See THIS PAGE for more information on Kurast 3000 BA.

1. Trial of Fear
Overcome your fear of demons by tackling the Butcher in Terror difficulty. Go to The Butcher's Lair to find him, then kill him. Cube the charm while the red swirls are on your character.

See THIS PAGE for more information on the Butcher.

[Class Charm] → returns [Class Charm] with note of completion (Fear)

2. Trial of Greed
Material wealth is a sign of demonic corruption. To pass this trial, keep 666,666 gold or more on your character (not your stash), then use the recipe to complete the trial.

[Class Charm] → returns [Class Charm] with note of completion (Greed)

3. Trial of Contrition
Kabraxis is almost impressed with your combat prowess against demons. But how about other humans? To complete this Trial, summon and kill Shaman King Koth on Terror difficulty. Cube the charm while the red swirls are on your character.

See THIS PAGE for more information about King Koth.

[Class Charm] → returns [Class Charm] with note of completion (Contrition)

4. Trial of Knowledge
Obtain untold wisdom by collecting the positronic brains of the five Robot Bosses in Fauztinville in Terror difficulty. Kill the Robot Bosses and snap up their Brains.

See THIS PAGE for more information about Fauztinville.

[Class Charm] + Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta/Epsilon Brain → returns [Class Charm] with note of completion (Knowledge)

Fauztinville is a huge level, and the Robot Bosses are fairly well hidden. You may need to explore the whole level. One of the bosses requires a teleportation ability to access; if you cannot teleport, use an item with charges of a teleportation skill, like the runeword Pax Mystica or the ubercharm Moon of the Spider. A second boss is at the end of a hidden passage, but can be accessed through teleportation as well.

5. Trial of Blood
Kabraxis' element is Fire. Try and sway the Amazon Islands to your cause by eliminating the Priestesses of the amazon gods of Ice and Lightning. But do it quickly. Kabraxis has no time to waste on bumbling humans like you.

Your targets are Skovos and Lycander, both found in the Tran Athulua uberlevel. Kill them on Terror difficulty. The challenge is that after you kill either one, you have only 30 seconds to kill the other and then cube your class charm. The timer starts ticking down after your first kill. To complete this trial, lead the two priestesses to the same area and kill them quickly, one after the other.

See THIS PAGE for more information about Tran Athulua.

[Class Charm] → returns [Class Charm] with note of completion (Blood)

There is a third Priestess on the level, Philios, Priestess of Hefaetrus. Make sure you kill the correct Priestesses.

Black Road Completion
After successfully completing all five Challenges, get two Arcane Crystals and cube them with your class charm. This will add a number of bonuses and unlock the Level Challenge Skill in your skill tree.

[Class Charm] + Arcane Crystal x2 → returns [Class Charm] with added bonuses

This upgrade recipe adds the following bonuses to your Class Charm:

Unlocks your Black Road Skill
+150 to Life
+150 to Mana

Your free bonus skill
This skill can be found at the top right of your first skill tab. When you complete the Black Road Challenge, upgrade your Class Charm and keep it into your inventory. This allows you to put skill points into the skill.

Name Icon Effect

skill icon Many of the amazon deities represent an aspect of war. The deity's spirits, summoned by an amazon high priestess or warrior queen, protect her in battle by striking down her enemies, seemingly out of nowhere.
Effect: periodically emits spike novas that deal weapon damage
skill icon An assassin knows very well that most mages are male and many spend their life in seclusion without seeing a woman. Some who have trained in these particular arts can also employ this strategy on the battlefield.
Effect: burns an unholy female sign on the ground in life stealing flames
skill icon A warrior who has his eyes on the throne of his tribe is sent to the summit of Mt. Sescheron to await the next thunderstorm. If he survives, he may have learned something valuable about the forces of nature.
Effect: adds stun damage and periodically emits stun novas
skill icon Druids have long sought to be one with the nature. Only the most mystical ones have succeeded, gaining the nature's blessing in the form of a symbiotic life with the surroundings, granting them immense innate powers.
Effect: adds bonuses to life regeneration, avoidance and cold & lightning spell damage
skill icon The deathspeaker establishes an aura powered by the emanations of a demon's wicked thoughts, conjuring torture equipment and striking the demon with the punishments it desires most to inflict upon humanity.
Effect: when activated, periodically shoots deadly spiked balls at enemies
skill icon A life of worship teaches the warrior of Zakarum the futility of evil. The denizens of hell are but vermin to an emissary of the Light.
Passive effect: reduces damage taken and speeds up healing apples
skill icon The witch's voice coalesces into a wall of force and slams into the enemy ranks. The shockwave does not harm flesh or bones, but the shellshocked enemies may well be so confused they forget how to fight.
Effect: wave of force that knocks back enemies and lowers damage